Tower of White Tigers

by The Pyongyang Metro

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Recorded December 2006 at The Resilient Room by Adam Constable. All songs by The Pyongyang Metro. Originally released on Arsenic Records in 2007. 100 CDs were made. People have hunted and killed each other them in search of these CDs, but now luckily you can get the songs for free right here.


released June 1, 2007

Doug: Vocals / Guitar
Tom: Vocals / Guitar
Nate: Bass / Backup vocals
Mike: Drums / Backup vocals



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The Pyongyang Metro Minneapolis

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Track Name: Welcome, Welcome Aboard
This deep underground, the world could end and you’d never even hear a sound. Welcome aboard The Pyongyang Metro. We hope you have a pleasant ride.
Track Name: Escape Helper
Hot air balloons! Subway cars! Get your grandma, get your girlfriend out in a suitcase. Ay Oh Ay Oh!
Track Name: Never Had No Chance
It’s hard to see at night, the stars are falling into the snow. Helicopters are swarming all around. Searching, searching always searching but they won’t find you and me. You were right, we just weren’t made for this life. But when we wake up in the morning we’ll dig a fallen star right out of the snow. Put it in a jar, the light will carry us home tonight. It’s hard to see at night, the stars are falling into the snow. Helicopters come crashing down. Death is on my heels, maybe baby you were right. We never had no chance.
Track Name: Noonan
I knew a hero. He built a church upon a dragon's lair. He said "the fires will keep up warm”. Many people found shelter there. If music is the sound of hope, then teach us how to melt our weapons down and fashion them into horns. This sound is what I have to make you sing or listen to the call. The city streets can be lonely, my voice is small."The fires will keep us warm."
Track Name: Nobel Laureate
We’ve got it! We’ve got the solution to our big, big problem! Just blanket the sky with sulfites - block the sun. Block the sun to cool us off.
Track Name: Shipyards
The shipyards a minefield, the city’s a wasteland. We’re not opening doors. If you love it just leave it the mountains ain’t far from here. We’re coming unglued. Every time we go back home- that’s when say our goodbyes. Every time they’re singing along- that’s when we know we’re home. The shipyards a minefield, the city’s a wasteland. We’re not opening doors. I love you it’s stupid, cheap speed makes me think fast. We’re coming unglued. Don’t you shed no tears for me baby, the coalition guard is on the way. These graveyards have been singing me to sleep, lullabies sugarcane sweet. We built this city it’s ours to take, we’ll rip out the wires melt down the tin.
Track Name: The Shark Always Wins
The shark always wins because the shark never sleeps.
Track Name: Invasive Species
I only ever see that samey soundstage home: television’s america. Nothing like what I want to peel open as the big city roles past. Like an episode of… Except with cooking smells in the hall. Isn’t that a show would want to watch?
Track Name: Dog Wig
There’s no such thing as a punk rock car – there’s no such thing! Eggplants and tomatoes in the same tree – it don’t make sense! Dog wig! Dog wig!
Track Name: Jane Jacobs
Ben Franklin! A modern city! Things he would! Things he would like! Things like: telephones, traffic lights, moving pictures, and bicycles. Jane Jacobs! Narrated! For him! For him! A modern city! Everybody knows he likes pretty ladies!
Track Name: Supreme Court Justice
This neighborhood kid, 5 years older. He wore his headphones all the time. Sleeveless grey-hooded sweatshirt. He never even once looked at me or talked to me or smiled at me. Where is he now when we need him? He was right about the preps all along but by the time we got to high school Pony Boy or whatever his name was was already gone. Don’t even want to talk about my generation. Some of the kids are alright but honestly revolution was always unlikely. I kinda think that the punks will never unite.
Track Name: New Hindi Ringtones Now Available
He meant to go straight home from work. He'd hoped for nothing more than that. In his mind he's already there, kicked off his shoes and drinking beer. But since when has his life made sense? The girls on the phone never stop to ask. “Please buy flowers and a thrift store suit. I'll explain later, but I know you'll look cute”. Not all yankees wear pinstripes, not our hero. In a vest, sneakers and corduroy, he looks around and wonders silently, "am I a chimney sweep or a grown-up like all the rest? Surely I was sleeping when I got myself dressed". New Hampshire boys and Boston girls, three centuries of first dates at a cocktail party. And this is why: he gives her crushed daisies, and she straightens his tie.
Track Name: Trucker Speed
22 in the glove box, 6 inch on my belt. 16 pounds in the trunk and that 4500 on my mind. I’ll drive away, 300 miles of Arizona desert. Hope to hell we don’t get pulled. I tell my dog if we make it to the line we’ll be on easy street. She just sniffs the passenger seat, lies down, and falls asleep. And I drive on. Trucker speed and caffeine. When I woke you were gone there was blood everywhere. Albuquerque motel room, nowhere but down.